Master Planning

We propose master planning service for land developments of all sizes.
We have an extended experience of due diligence and volume studies, engineering solutions for underground power and onsen, and landscaping design for projects in Japan.

Master planning with engineering

ABD Architecture LLC provides Master Planning for land development projects in Japan, with a focus on ski resorts, like Niseko and Furano.
We have specialized in land developments projects, thanks to our many due diligence works and volume studies, as well as our involvement in four land development projects with onsen and underground power.

As licensed civil engineer and architect, we are uniquely placed to bridge the engineering of land developments (underground power, storm ponds, well developments, drainage…) to the aesthetic needs of building views, privacy, landscaping and land’ best use.

We use drone mapping, Building Information Modeling software and Rendering software for accurate and stunning visuals.

Our Master Planning service can be extended with Project Management of the civil works and Architectural Design of future buildings.

Project Types


Since 2007, we have managed more than a dozen projects with development approvals and have extended knowledge developments’ engineering, regulation and approvals.

  • Master planning by qualified civil engineer
  • Knowledge of development regulation & approvals


In addition to the master plan’s design, we can provide architectural design for the buildings.

  • In-house licensed architect
  • Knowledge of architectural and real estate regulation


We have an extensive experience with onsen developments, from the drilling works, to land developments with onsen water supplied to each plot, through the design inside buildings. We collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers to develop the best solution.

  • Underground power & onsen technical solutions
  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Clear, bilingual drawings
  • In-house qualified civil engineer & architect
  • Preliminary drone survey
  • Experience with forest & natural park approvals
  • Preliminary due diligence and volume studies
  • Underground power and onsen engineering solutions
  • Knowledge of development and building regulations
  • Focus on Green design
  • Landscaping design

Featured Projects

Our Philosophy

We believe that in order to make the best of a land, a proper site study, including location of trees and views must be conducted. That’s why we use drones whenever possible (for which we have a pilot licenses and an approval for throughout Japan), as well as real-time 3D visualization software.

Design features

  • Direct negotiations with authorities
  • Landscaping design
  • Use of local plants
  • Snow climate design
  • Reduce tree cutting
  • Underground utilities solutions
  • Onsen supply to residential plots
  • Site study
  • Green design

Design tools

  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Preliminary site check with drone
  • Preliminary drone survey
  • View assessments
  • Project management tools

Simple master plan

8% of construction cost

  • Master plan
  • Ground finish list
  • Plants' plan & list
  • Project Management option + 3%
  • Still 3D renderings

Standard master plan

10% of construction cost

  • Master plan
  • Ground finish list
  • Plants' plan & list
  • Project Management option + 3%
  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Parks' design

Including building concept

12% of construction cost

  • Master plan
  • Ground finish list
  • Plants' plan & list
  • Project Management option + 3%
  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Parks' design
  • Street furniture design
  • Buildings' concept design

Our Partners


  • “Franck is a diligent and serious designer and an expert who really understands Niseko. His design not only meets the high standards of private customization, but also shows the talent of the designer.
    He is a trusted partner.”

  • “It was a pleasure working with Franck as the project manager of our new luxury residential project in Niseko. Franck has an in-depth knowledge of engineering; his experience of project management and his sense of architecture added a significant amount of value to our project.”

    Sandy Xiao Fang Zhang
    Developer, Project Director
  • “Franck’s local knowledge of both building and land development regulations proved critical in negotiating with local authorities in resolving several issues and hurdles which otherwise would have been detrimental to our project. I would recommend Franck to manage large mixed-used projects in Niseko.”

    Christopher Liu
    Head of Development, Metropoly Holdings Limited


What items are not included in the standard master planning design services?

We offer the following services as options:
Civil engineering
Landscaping design
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Project Management of the construction works
Architectural design

What types of approval are required for land developments?

Outside of (Quasi-)Town Planning Zoning: development land of 10,000 m² or more
Quasi-Town Planning Zoning: development land of 3,000 m² or more
Town Planning Zoning – outside of Building Use District: development land of 3,000 m² or more
Town Planning Zoning – Building Use District: development land of 1,000 m² or more (or smaller in some areas)
Town Planning Zoning – Restricted district: any land development
Subdivisions with infrastructure works and land use change may qualify as land development.
Any land development that touches more than 10,000 m² of forest.
Depending on the size and type of development, an approval may be required.
Needs approval for purchases.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

What are the different phases of civil works?

1. Master plan
2. Civil engineering (including consultations with the authorities and utility providers)
3. Building design (if required for the Development Approval)
4. Development Approval
5. Civil works
6. Building works (including Building Approvals)
Wells may be required, check our well development service.

Related Services

Before embarking on your project, check the conditions of your site and identify potential risks and issues.

For the best use of your land, make sure to drill the necessary wells early in your project.

Get the best outcome for your land development project with our combined master planning + project management service.