Project Management

From custom homes to land developments and commercial buildings, we provide professional project management services. With 15 years of experience on construction projects in Japan and architectural knowledge and qualifications, we can better assist our clients for their projects in Japan.
We focus on the details so you don't have to.

Why you need a Project Manager

Helps you build in Japan

Japanese builders and architects are hesitant to work with foreigners because of language and cultural barriers. With us, you get access to most, if not all, of them.
With our broad experience and technical expertise in project management and relevant regulations, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the grey areas of the Japanese regulation and relationships and advice you on the best strategies for building in Japan.

Focuses on completing your project

Whether you have time to dedicate to your construction project or not, the primary focus of your project manager is to see your project be completed, with an emphasis on reasonable time and cost.
We relieve you of the stress and hassle of managing a construction project to its final details and you can enjoy your property sooner.

Is on the ground

On your behalf, we find and meet with the local vendors and designers, frequently check the construction site and attend construction site meetings.
We simplify your research of suitable designers, builders and other consultants and, with frequent site visits, we reduce surprises, especially at the end of the project.

Is a professional

Project management is a full-time job that requires broad experience and skills in regulation, design, engineering, negotiations, document management and construction. We give realistic schedules, know about costs and check the design.
We can jump start your project, reduce re-design and increase its chances of success.
For land development projects, our broad and unique knowledge in development and architectural design and regulation assists your bridging between architect and civil engineer.

Deals with vendors on your behalf

We prepare professional contracts suitable for the vendor, based on industry standard templates, propose and negotiate standard payment terms and conditions, check invoices and maintain communication between yourself and those vendors while balancing your best interests, trust and cooperation.
You can trust us to fill the cultural and communication gaps between you and the vendors.

Keeps your construction costs in check

Over the years, we have accumulated a knowledge of Japanese construction costs. With the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, we can better advice you on the expensive design features to be avoided, propose value engineering and help you keep the construction cost within the budget.

  • Experience with small to large projects
  • Use of schedule, budget & building information software
  • 14 years working in Japan
  • Industry standard bilingual architect & construction contracts
  • Translation and distribution of documents to all parties
  • Knowledge of regulations & approvals
  • Site check with professional recording devices
  • Technical translation & interpretation
  • Regularly updated cloud shared folder

Project Types


With experience on projects as diverse as hotel condominium, commercial buildings and mixed-used buildings like Aruku-zaka Street with budgets ranging from 1 to 200 mUSD budgets, we can manage your commercial project.


Thanks to our countless involvements in due diligence works, volume studies, land developments, four with onsen and underground power, we are specialized in land developments projects.

We assist you in coordinating the master planning, approvals, onsen, mechanical & electrical engineering, and construction of your land development project.

  • Project management by civil engineer
  • Expertise on natural park and forest developments & approvals
  • Knowledge of development, architectural and real estate regulations


We have managed more than 25 home projects in the Niseko area, from design & construct projects to 10 mUSD villas with internationally renown architects.

With or without our architectural design, we can assist you building your dream home in Japan.

  • Project management by qualified architect
  • Access to domestic and international architects
  • Frequent design meetings and reviews
  • Dedicated staff for defect repairs

Small project

Up to 200 m¥
7% or less

  • Monthly reporting
  • Detailed design check
  • Shared folder
  • Bi-weekly site meetings & inspections
  • Simple schedule
  • Simple budget

Medium size project

200 m¥ to 1,000 m¥
6% or less

  • Monthly reporting
  • Detailed design check
  • Shared folder
  • Weekly to bi-weekly site meetings & inspections
  • Simple schedule
  • Simple budget
  • Detailed quotation analysis
  • Risk register & responses

Large project

1 b¥ and more
5% or less

  • Monthly reporting
  • Detailed design check
  • Shared folder
  • Weekly site meetings & inspections
  • Detailed schedule
  • Detailed budget
  • Detailed quotation analysis
  • Risk register & responses

Our Partners


  • “I would recommend ABD Architecture for both large and small developments in Hokkaido.”

    Jason Kuok
    Supernova-land HK Ltd., Founder & General Manager
  • “Franck played an important role in the delivery of our house. He was efficient, responsive and professional in his approach and attitude. His familiarity with the local project delivery process and his proficiency with the local language made for a smooth and efficient construction process. The house ultimately was delivered on time and on budget.”

    Christopher Liu
  • “Franck is a diligent and serious designer and an expert who really understands Niseko. His design not only meets the high standards of private customization, but also shows the talent of the designer.
    He is a trusted partner.”

  • “Much like anyone building their first home overseas we had questions upon questions and Franck was there to guide through the whole process, we couldn’t have been in better hands.”

    Luke Robinson
    Secondary home Owner
  • “It was a pleasure working with Franck as the project manager of our new luxury residential project in Niseko. Franck has an in-depth knowledge of engineering; his experience of project management and his sense of architecture added a significant amount of value to our project.”

    Sandy Xiao Fang Zhang
    Developer, Project Director

Our Philosophy

We believe that a project needs accuracy and transparency. That’s why we avoid ballpark figures; you get detailed schedules, invoice lists and budget sheets. We are able to do this thanks to past projects’ historical data, but also professional templates and software.

While we run hard negotiations on your behalf, we thrive to stay fair with local vendors, so that you get fair prices from the get go and, more importantly, they will help you when issues arise. We also select trustworthy and professional architects, civil engineers and builders, to give you the best outcome.

Project Documents

  • Detailed schedules & milestone list
  • Detailed budgets, with invoice list, cashflow, etc...
  • Shared folder on cloud
  • Periodic project reports
  • Final report
  • Meeting minutes
  • Checklists
  • Project Scope Statement
  • Work breakdown structure

Professional software

  • Microsoft Project (schedule management)
  • Autodesk Revit (3D architectural and Building Information)
  • Microsoft Excel (budgeting, tender analysis...)
  • Twinmotion (3D real-time rendering & VR)
  • Dropbox (cloud shared folder)
  • Zoom (video conferences)
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf, protected documents...)
  • Bentley Microstation (engineering CAD)


Does a project manager need to be qualified to work in Japan?

Project management in Japan is still a new and growing professional field; there is currently no qualification required to manage projects in Japan.
ABD Architecture LLC is the only project management company in Niseko and Furano that has in-house PMP (Project Management Professional), which is one of the most internationally recognized qualifications.

Can we engage your for project management service without design services?

Although we propose a combined project management and architectural design service, we have no issue working with your preferred architect.

How long does it take to design a building in Japan?

The design process is broken into 3 phases; the duration of each phase depends on the complexity of the project:
Concept design – 1 to 2 months
Schematic design2 to 6 months
Design development2 to 6 months
Overall, design takes in general 5 to 12 months.
In addition, Building Approval can take up to 2~3 months.

How long does it take to build in Japan?

For houses (up to 3~4 floors) and civil works, most projects can be built between 2 winters in Hokkaido.
Commercial buildings usually take 2 to 3 years.
Earthworks and piling foundation works may also lengthen the construction time.

Related Services

Before embarking on your project, check the conditions of your site and identify potential risks and issues.

We provide separate professional service for the drilling of onsen and water wells, as well as their related engineering.

For any regulatory or technical questions related to your future or ongoing project, contact us.