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NameABD Architecture LLC (ABD建築 合同会社)
DirectorFranck Giral
060-0063 Hokkaido, Japan
LicenseArchitect Office No. Hokkaido (Ishi) No. 5087 (~2025/12/11)
Real Estate Hokkaido Ishikari (01) No. 9169 (~2027/03/04)


ABD Architecture LLC was founded by an engineer turned architect on the premises of proposing a level of professional services that currently does not exist in Niseko or Furano, by applying innovative methods, best practices, linguistic skills, and smarter solutions.

We have a uniquely wide knowledge in the construction field, and thirst thereof: structural engineering, civil engineering, architecture, real estate and development regulations.

We are specialized in Project Management for international projects in Japan with an Architect Office License and qualifications in project management, structural engineering, civil engineering and real estate.

‘ABD’ expresses our design philosophy and stands for “Alien By Design”; we aim at defining unique designs  appealing not only aesthetically, but also functionally and holistically, based on our international and engineering backgrounds, but also our quest for more sustainable projects.

Mission Statement

ABD Architecture LLC is a licensed company with qualified staff that provides high quality services and expertise in project management, architectural design, master planning, due diligence and other consulting services for construction projects in Japan for clients who share ABD Architecture LLC’s values on fairness, healthy work conditions, sustainable development and social responsibility.
ABD Architecture LLC’s focus is the success of our clients' projects and the maintenance and improvement of our level of knowledge and services.

Vision Statement

ABD Architecture LLC aspires to become the go-to service provider for project management, architectural design, master planning and expert advice services, thanks to its professionalism, quality, fairness, environmentally friendliness and accountability for international construction projects in Japanese ski resorts and Japan in general, and contribute to humankind’s goal to sustainability and space colonization.


Competency & Professionalism

Professionalism and quality comes from the personnel, how they are trained and experienced, as well as our project partners. That’s why Competency is at the core of our company. We don’t have all the answer, but we thrive to improve our knowledge and provide the service you deserve.

  • Accurate expert advice
  • Person in charge qualified in the construction field
  • Clear explanation of Japanese construction constraints
  • Higher chance of project success
  • Quality architects, builders and civil engineers

Integrity & Fairness

The Japanese construction industry is based on consensus and trust, which can only be achieved with integrity and fairness of relationships and contracts and leads to a better collaboration.

  • Better prices
  • Fewer surprises during construction
  • More collaborative builders
  • Fewer disputes & claims


No project can be successful without teamwork and transparency, more so for larger projects. We believe that all parties must work together and contribute with their respective knowledge and expertise.

  • Meetings including all parties
  • Bilingual documents distributed to all parties
  • Frequent meetings rather than long reports
  • Two-people project teams for large projects

Client's satisfaction

Our first measure of projects’ success is your satisfaction. We want to provide a high quality of services based on excellence and the project outcome our clients wish for.

  • Frequent meetings and regular reports
  • Shared folder
  • Answers & records within 1 working day
  • Highest confidentiality

Social Responsibility

Japan is the 3rd most forested developed country and Hokkaido, covered with 71% by forest, boats river Shiribetsu that crosses Niseko, is one of the cleanest rivers in Japan.
We are acutely aware a of the global warming, environmental impact of the construction industry and social inequalities and we believe we have a duty to be a good citizen of the world. That’s why we have integrated Sustainable Development Goals in our services.

  • Company's Sustainable Development Goals
  • Forest planting initiative
  • Responsible design
  • Internal and external fairness & equity


  • “Franck is a diligent and serious designer and an expert who really understands Niseko. His design not only meets the high standards of private customization, but also shows the talent of the designer.
    He is a trusted partner.”

  • “Much like anyone building their first home overseas we had questions upon questions and Franck was there to guide through the whole process, we couldn’t have been in better hands.”

    Luke Robinson
  • “It was a pleasure working with Franck as the project manager of our new luxury residential project in Niseko. Franck has an in-depth knowledge of engineering; his experience of project management and his sense of architecture added a significant amount of value to our project.”

    Sandy Xiao Fang Zhang
    Developer, Project Director
  • “Through the projects I have collaborated on with Franck, he has always been managing them from a fair position. As a result, he contributes to building a constructive relationship between local professionals like me and the client.

    Seiji Nakadate
    YK ND Studio, 1st Class Architect & CEO
  • “Franck gave us the opportunity to design a unique and highly recognizable landscaping for a project in Niseko,
    which has become our most famous project and led to many opportunities.
    This would not have been possible without the client’s vision and Franck’s involvement.
    For the benefit of future clients, we look forward to working with ABD Architecture.”

    Masaki Takahashi
    e/d,A, CEO
  • “Franck is an excellent contributing team member and highly knowledgeable professional through all project phases. We have successfully collaborated with Franck on a few projects throughout Hokkaido in the last 2 years. As an international design service, his multilingual communication and project coordination skills have greatly assisted us through the projects.”

    Craig Takahata
    ZOO, Founder & Creative Director
  • “Franck’s incredible service also went way beyond the completion of the build. For years after, Franck was always there to assist us with any questions we had with the property and he even assisted us with further upgrades.
    We highly recommend Franck when building in Hokkaido.”

    Luke Robinson

Team Trees

ABD Architecture LLC has decided to do what we can to offset the impact of construction projects’ CO2 footprint by investing into forest. For this, we have selected Team Trees to plant trees for us.
The number of trees we plant is based on the following calculation:
In addition, we encourage our clients to contribute to planting trees on their project with landscaping, which we will match by ourselves with additional planting with Team Trees.

Trees Planted

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Responsible management of chemicals and waste (12.4)
  • Substantially reduce waste generation (12.5)
  • Encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and sustainability reporting (12.6)
  • Design spatially efficient buildings
  • Assess the sustainability of proposed construction products
  • Promote recyclable construction products
  • Sort all our office wastes
  • Build to last

Life on Land

  • End deforestation and restore degraded forests (15.2)
  • Plant trees to offset construction's CO2 footprint
  • Recommend our clients to include soft landscaping in their projects
  • Incentivize our clients to contribute to planting trees
  • Estimate the CO2 footprint impact of our construction projects

Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Promote youth employment, education and training (8.6)
  • Improve resource efficiency in consumption and production (8.4)
  • Full employment and decent work with equal pay (8.5)
  • Provide training to young and not-so-young staff
  • Pay salaries based on skills and experience
  • Apply continuous improvement in our internal processes
  • Streamline our work with procedures, templates and documents

Affordable and Clean Energy

  • Increase global percentage of renewable energy (7.2)
  • Double the improvement in energy efficiency (7.3)
  • Promote higher building's thermal insulation
  • Design and recommend clean energy
  • Perform sun study for higher thermal efficiency

Gender Equality

  • Ensure full participation in leadership and decision-making (5.5)
  • End discrimination against women and girls (5.1)
  • Same job opportunities between men and women
  • Same career opportunities for men and women
  • Flexible job conditions depending on family situation

Reduced Inequalities

  • Promote universal social, economic and political inclusion (10.2)
  • No race discrimination
  • No age discrimination
  • Encourage participation to the company's vision
  • Multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-gender company since 2020

Company History


Company Incorporation


Office completed


2nd class architect office license


1st PMP (Project Management Professional) certified project manager


UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Drone) approval for entire Japan


1st (Autodesk Certified) Professional in Revit for Architectural Design certified architect


Real estate business license


English website complete


First international architecture award


First in-house Building Approval's application

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