Competency and professionalism being at the core of our company, we are looking for like-minded people with potential and the desire to learn.
We provide a progressive, inclusive and diversified, yet hard-working, office environment.

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    Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku S3W10 1002-1
    S310 Building No. 502, Hokkaido, Japan

    Why work with us?

    • Multi-cultural environment
    • Bilingual office
    • Comfortable office
    • Reasonable working hours
    • Internal training
    • Everyone can contribute
    • Periodic performance reviews
    • No age or gender discrimination
    • Use of new technologies
    • Encourage learning and qualifications


    • “Franck knows how to smartly apply the latest technologies in the architecture field, which not only improves the company’s skills but also greatly enhances the client’s experience. I see Franck as a businessman who doesn’t shy away from challenges, and shows conscientiousness and responsibility towards his work and his clients. I think that’s critical qualities for an entrepreneur.”

      Bote Shu
    • “I consider Franck as a kind, conscientious mentor who has experience and linguistic facilities. He took the time to explain to me with patience work methods and professional software. My internship within ABD Architecture LLC under Franck’s guidance has been most fruitful and wish I could have stayed longer.”

      Bote Shu
    • In just half a year of internship, I have learned and experienced more than two years as a post-graduate.

      Bote Shu


    Competency & Professionalism

    Competency and Professionalism are the the most important core value applicable to the working force. Professionalism means respect clients, colleagues and vendors, responsibility for our own actions (acknowledge mistakes and take steps so that mistakes are not repeated) and reliability (make sure that the work is done fully, accurately but also properly handed over).

    We encourage growth of competency through self-improvement and qualifications and welcome in priority individuals who have the willingness to learn (i.e. curiosity).


    Collaboration within the company is achieved through inclusion, communications (not only vertical but horizontal and transverse) and transfer of knowledge.

    We understands that everyone has strong suits and shortfalls. As long as you are aware of them, shortfalls can easily be offset by collaborating and trusting others with their strong suit.