建造2019 (第一期)
  • 8,619 m²(第一期)
    5,246 m² (第二期)
    13,865 m²(总计)
  • 8 x 184 m²(别墅)
    2 x 178 m² (别墅)
    5 x 256 m²(联排别墅)
    58 m² (水泵房)
    3,166 m² (第一期 总计)
  • 176 m
  • 10 别墅
    5 联排别墅
  • 20


Koa Niseko开发项目距离滑雪场只有几分钟的路程,基于丹麦的Hygge概念(通过欣赏简单、短暂的时刻来发现快乐和温馨),由整齐划一的10栋别墅和5栋双拼联排别墅组成,周围有许多新种植的树木。每一栋房子都在设计上精雕细琢,代表着这种规模的房屋所能提供的最舒适的生活方式。

Koa Niseko 的设计理念是创建一个由志同道合的业主组成的新社区;它可以说让东山名声大噪,并使其成为二世谷滑雪胜地中地产投资者所追捧的新兴地区。

该项目由Hokkaido Tracks公司的2人团队负责项目管理,开发商的远见和果断以及所有项目参与者的竞争力,使得 Koa Niseko 第一阶段的土木工程和 16 座建筑物/ 20 个单元能够在短短 2年间完工。



  • 位置
  • 距离滑雪场4分钟车程
  • 位于东山安静的核心区域
  • 视野
  • 羊蹄山风景
  • 东山滑雪场风景
  • 环保设计
  • 可持续的木造结构
  • 环境友好的园林绿化
  • 公园


  • 公共设施
  • 各种落叶林 & 常绿林
  • 地下电缆
  • 水井(第二期)
  • 私人道路
  • 消防水箱 & 消防栓
  • 多重入口
  • 天然雨水蓄水池
  • 街灯
  • 建筑特征
  • 人字形屋顶
  • 白漆雪松外墙覆层
  • 私人车库
  • 带玻璃扶手的吊顶阳台


  • “Franck Giral worked closely with us and the consultants to execute a fully built out luxury development of 10 villas and 10 townhouses in Niseko in record time. “

    Jason Kuok
    Supernova-land HK Ltd., Founder & General Manager
  • “Franck Giral was efficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of the development and created a good rapport with the entire team. His good Japanese and English communication skills and sound technical knowledge ensured the project was delivered on time and on budget.”

    Jason Kuok
    Supernova-land HK Ltd., Founder & General Manager
  • “Franck Giral is an excellent contributing team member and highly knowledgeable professional through all project phases. We have successfully collaborated with Franck on a few projects throughout Hokkaido in the last 2 years. As an international design service, his multilingual communication and project coordination skills have greatly assisted us through the projects.”

    Craig Takahata
    ZOO, Founder & Creative Director
  • “Through the projects I have collaborated on with him, Franck Giral has always been managing them from a fair position. As a result, he contributes to building a constructive relationship between local professionals like me and the client.
    He also knows how to direct projects towards success thanks to high expertise, as well as friendly and honest character. I have no doubt that he will continue to make more projects successful.”

    Seiji Nakadate
    YK ND Studio, 1st Class Architect & CEO
  • “Franck Giral struck me not only impressed with his language abilities that allows smooth communications between the local team and the client, but also with his deep understanding and knowledge of the Japanese construction and development regulations. This plays an invaluable role when it comes to transform the client’s requests into realistic plans.”

    Seiji Nakadate
    YK ND Studio, 1st Class Architect & CEO