Well Development

Over 14 years, we have developed many types of onsen and drinking water developments, from drilling to the water supply.

From drilling to engineering

ABD Architecture LLC provides professional service to assist you in the development of wells for construction projects in Japan.

For over 14 years, we have been involved in projects with onsen developments in buildings and land developments, as well as drinking water wells for land developments in Niseko, a region famous for its onsen sources, and other areas.

We assist you with the various approvals, required temporary works and engineering design, all that can make a well development complicated endeavor.



With experience of 9 onsen developments and numerous water wells, we assist you with the drilling and pump installation works.

  • Selection of drilling company
  • Management of well pump installation


We organize the necessary approvals and temporary construction works prior to the drilling works.

  • Organization of temporary works
  • Application of necessary approvals
  • Flow rate & necessary water quality tests


In collaboration with an engineering firm, we tailor the onsen or water supply system of your project, building or land development.

  • Personalized engineering solution
  • Mechanical engineering based on project needs & conditions
  • Experience with all types of onsen developments
  • Experience with building & land developments
  • Management of necessary approvals
  • Access to several drilling companies
  • Supply engineering with consultant
  • Management of temporary works


  • “Franck Giral understanding of onsen developments was invaluable in assisting us to secure the relevant approvals and to execute the drilling of our well.”

    Jason Kuok
    Supernova-land HK Ltd., Founder & General Manager

Our Philosophy

The quality of the well can affect the project, so construction projects’ wells should be drilled early. We take care for your of all the approvals and selection of the drilling company, for smooth drilling works.

We also make sure that the necessary temporary works are completed before starting drilling, as they are sometimes necessary.

We then work closely with an engineering firm to tailor the water supply for the best outcome.

Tests & approvals

  • Drilling approval
  • Onsen pump installation approval
  • Onsen business license
  • Flow rate report
  • Water well quality test report
  • Special water supply approval


Why is it recommended to drill a well early on?

Flow rate and water quality of a well are not guaranteed and can restrict the size of a project or require additional mechanical equipment (filters, tanks…). The sooner they are known, the sooner the project can be adjusted and unnecessary re-design costs avoided.
Onsen drilling works and their approval can easily take one year, and, if not started early, can delay an entire project.

What approvals are required for well developments?

Depending on their location and size, wells can require a drilling approval. In addition, for large facilities or land developments, a lengthy water supply approval may be required.
Onsen wells require separate approvals for drilling, installation of the pump inside the well and business license(s). Onsen drilling approval can take 4 months and the drilling works 5 months (for 800~1000 m) but can be delayed depending on the drilling company’s availability.
Note that some areas in Niseko now that restricts on onsen wells’ drillings.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about your site’s conditions.

What type of temporary works can be required for well drillings works?

Drilling works require a construction platform flat enough for storing material. A temporary road may also be required for the transportation of drilling material and the drilling rig.
Onsen wells require bigger construction platforms and stronger roads than drinking water wells.
We organize these works for your convenience.

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