Due Diligence

Before your land acquisition in Japan or before starting the design of your project, assess its viability and risks, and make the best of your development site.
Benefit from our due diligence service and get a comprehensive and objective analysis of your development land, with volume study and master schedule.

The importance of a due diligence.

ABD Architecture LLC provides due diligence services that will help you start your construction project in Japan on the right foot. The success of a project is greatly determined at the beginning of a project, from the determination of risks and issues inherent to development sites, to the establishment of a realistic project timeline, through timely surveys and suitable selection of project consultants

We have not only accumulated 14 years of experience in construction project management in Japan, but we also have an extensive experience in due diligence from Niseko to Okinawa and a deep understanding of the relevant laws and regulations: Real Estate Law, Building Standard Code, Town Planning Law, Onsen Law, Natural Park Law, Forest Law, Large Retail Development Law, Strata Building Law…

With in-house qualified bilingual civil engineer and architect, we are uniquely placed to explain regulatory and technical limitations of your site, as well as help visualizing them through volume studies and master schedules.

We also assess current projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a tailored service in confidence.

Scope of services


Most of lands’ limitations come from the development zoning, applicable regulation (Town Planning and Building Standard Code…) and available utilities.

  • Confirmation of the latest applicable regulations
  • Direct consultations with authorities
  • In-house qualified civil engineer & architect


Understand the opportunities of your site with 2D and 3D visualizations, as well as data for your feasibility study.

  • Preliminary drone survey
  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Volume study data for feasibility


A clear and realistic master schedule will not only help you understand, and better manage, your future project, but also ensure the smooth execution of your project.

  • Gantt chart visulization
  • Faster, smoother project
  • Bilingual master schedule
  • Comprehensive report in English
  • All supporting documents provided
  • Knowledge of all relevant laws
  • Experience of natural park & forest developments
  • Direct consultations with authorities
  • Realistic master schedule
  • Preliminary drone survey
  • Realistic 3D volume study
  • Risks & issues identification & strategies
  • In-house civil engineer & architect

Our Philosophy

Many projects fail because either risks and issues weren’t identified or addressed early enough or they were just too optimistic; a due diligence will help you make the best out of your development site.

We will assist you understand the true possibilities and limitations of your site and make your dream project possible.

Because the land conditions have a great impact on a project, and often a topographical survey is not available, we conduct preliminary drone surveys  to assess the topography, the views and other land features.

Professional documents

  • Comprehensive report
  • Volume study
  • Realistic master schedule
  • Preliminary drone survey mapping
  • Drone photos & videos
  • Report supporting documents
  • Consultation meeting minutes

Professional tools

  • Microsoft Project (schedule)
  • Professional drone
  • Excel (budget)
  • Database of applicable laws & regulations
  • Building Information Modeling software
  • Real-time 3D visualization


Prices vary with scope of works; contact us for a quotation.


What is included in the standard scopes of services for due diligence?

Standard scope services
– Land title search
– Land visit & check
– Existing site conditions
– Zoning confirmation
– Applicable regulations
– Applicable approvals
– Risks & issues
– List of development restrictions
– All relevant documents
Optional scope of service (tailored to your needs):
– Drone survey mapping
– Drone photo or video shooting
– Volume study
– Master schedule draft
– Budgeting
The scope of services is based on the project’s needs.

How important is the master schedule?

A carefully written master schedule will allow to avoid rework of the design, identify critical tasks, and assess a tight, yet realistic path to complete your project. It works as a road map for your project, reduces its risks and increases its chances of success.
It also helps you establish your budget’s funding requirements.

Why do you propose volume studies with the due diligence service?

Although not in the standard scope of works, we usually recommend one or several volume studies.
Volume studies increase visual and numerical understandings of a site’s possibilities and allows for feasibility studies based on master schedule and draft budget .

What are frequent issues for development projects in Japan?

To name a few, we have the experience of cases with creeks crossing a site and requiring a bridge, boundaries off by a meter, encroachments, and boundaries that cannot be confirmed because of unknown neighbors, buried archaeological properties
For land developments, many issues may arise because of the Development Approval, starting with road connection and rejection of used water. it is critical to identify and resolve them early in the project.
In Niseko area, the local regulation is different from the rest of Japan, and Natural Park Law, Town Planning Law, Forest Law… may apply, each requiring a different type of approval.

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Continue your project with a smooth transition to project management.

Let us design a master plan concept based on our due diligence report.

For more specific technical or regulatory questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.