Architectural Design

We design with an international style small to large projects with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and green design, and the use of latest visualization technologies.
Our extensive experience in project management, engineering and building information technology helps us deliver cost effective projects up to the minute details.

International. Timeless. A bit of engineering.

ABD Architecture LLC provides architectural design (as well as Master Planning design) services for construction projects in Japan. We propose full in-house design for small to medium residential or rental projects and concept for larger projects.

Our experience with international projects in Niseko, Rusutsu, Furano, etc…, our will to design timeless works and knowledge of the construction industry, regulation and engineering help us design unique pieces of architecture.

As former practicing engineer, we want to bridge building’s engineering (structure, mechanical, electrical) with architectural design in order to achieve the best aesthetical outcome.

We also propose a cost-effective design + project management combined service.

Different project, different approach


Based on our experience of up to 1000 m² home projects in Niseko as project manager and as a qualified architect firm in Japan, we design your primary or secondary home with an international style.

  • International design by foreign architect
  • Efficient green design
  • Cost conscious architectecture


We design stunning and accurate concept design for your medium to large project and, in partnership with a documentation architect, lead the design effort.

  • In-house concept
  • Marketing grade concept presentations


Save on time and cost, and benefit from our experience of project management with this combined service.

Check our Project Management service for more information.

  • Design by certified project manager
  • Cheaper, faster project
  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Cost effective project management & design services
  • International design
  • Clear, bilingual drawings
  • Experienced with snowy climate
  • Preliminary drone survey
  • Focus on green design
  • Cost conscious design
  • Efficient structure by in-house structural engineer
  • Preliminary site & sun studies

Concept Gallery

All 100% in-house design

Our Philosophy

We adapt our style to your needs between contemporary architecture, like sprawling alpine villas with multiple gable or hip roofs, and bold, modern architecture. Our ultimate goal is to create timeless pieces that impress on the first sight, are functional and livable, and more importantly you want to enjoy for a long time.
Based on our structural engineering background, we propose elegant and seamless solutions to technical problem: structure shapes but doesn’t overshadow the architecture.
Thanks to the latest 3D technologies, including Building Information Modeling, we can execute most of the design of your project in house. This allows us to speed the design process, integrate the engineering (structure, mechanical, electrical) and guarantee more accurate outcomes.
They also allow us to take on large projects, including master planning.

Design Features

  • International style
  • Architecture adapted environment
  • Natural and local material
  • Site study
  • View & site assessments with drone
  • Green design
  • Snow climate design

Design Tools

  • Real-time 3D visualization
  • Accurate Building Information Modeling software
  • Cloud based shared folder
  • Preliminary drone survey
  • Professional recording devices
  • Project management tools
  • Frequent design reviews

Simplified design

No renderings
7% of construction cost

  • Floor plans, elevations, sections
  • Finish & equipment list
  • Building approval drawings
  • Simple engineering drawings
  • Simple 3D model
  • Off-the-shelf furniture
  • Project Management option + 3%

Standard design

Standard service
9% of construction cost

  • Floor plans, elevations, sections
  • Finish & equipment list
  • Building approval drawings
  • Full engineering drawings
  • Limited 3D renderings
  • Off-the-shelf furniture
  • Project Management option + 3%
  • FF&E design option
  • Internal elevations
  • Reflected ceiling plans

Premium design

For high-end properties
10% of construction cost

  • Floor plans, elevations, sections
  • Finish & equipment list
  • Building approval drawings
  • Full engineering drawings
  • High-end 3D renderings
  • Custom built-in furniture drawings
  • Project Management option + 3%
  • FF&E design option
  • Internal elevations
  • Reflected ceiling plans

Our Partners


Standard scope of works
  • CONCEPT DESIGNNo license required. We provide this service for any project size
  • ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNIncluding building approval & construction drawings
  • CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISIONThis mandatory service is included in our architectural design service

Project Size

For 2nd Class Architect Office
  • DEPENDING ON THE USEUp to 500 m²
  • BUILDING HEIGHTUp to 13 m (9 m eave beam)


How long does it take to design a building in Japan?

The design process is broken into 3 phases; the duration of each phase depends on the complexity of the project:
Concept design – 1 to 2 months
Schematic design2 to 6 months
Design development2 to 6 months
Overall, design takes in general 5 to 12 months.
In addition, Building Approval can take up to 2~3 months.

What is your standard scope of architectural design services?

Concept design
Schematic design
Design development
Structural engineering
Mechanical and Electrical engineering
Finishes & equipment list
Construction supervision
– Construction supervision’s final report
The following items are not part of the standard architectural design services:
Landscaping design
Interior design
Energy saving calculation
Civil engineering
Signage design
Lighting fixture design
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed scope of services.

What is construction supervision and do I need it?

In Japan, when building works require a Building Approval, the owner must also appoint a licensed architect to supervise the construction. In this case, the architect checks that the building is done as per the design documents and, at the end of the construction, must submit a final report. For your convenience, construction supervision is included in our standard architectural design service (unless otherwise specified).
Note also that in this case, the architect is a signing party of the construction contract.

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